Leninsky P-t 32A 22 floor,
Academy of Science building
Table reservations:
+7 495 781 5775
Banquet service:
+7 903 290 70 30

Carry your event at the Sky Lounge restaurant - a great solution. We have several reasons why we can recommend it to you. First, our cozy atmosphere - several rooms with different types of tables, a separate private room with restricted access on the 23rd floor, and, finally, our terrace with wonderful views over the city. Secondly, our cuisine - a huge selection of dishes created with the highest level of craftsmanship for your enjoyment, a wide selection of alcoholic drinks and a really great wine list. Third, our service - without further ado, we can just call it perfect.

More information:
+ 7 (495) 518-84-88
+ 7 (495) 781-57-75

Предложения партнеров
2 банкетных зала 90
и 45 человек
2 банкетных зала 20
и 25 человек
Зоны для банкета на
10, 20, 40 и 50 персон.
VIP-комната до 14 человек.